Stewardship Ministries' Jay Link Asks:
Does God Care How We Invest?

As we probe the extent to which God's ownership and our stewardship impacts how we live, we cannot ignore one of the most common areas of American life - how we invest.
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As the Lord's servants, we are called to be good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us and to reflect our Christian worldview in our daily life. Many Christians, however, have been frustrated by their inability to effectively manage their investments while simultaneously giving proper consideration to the moral fabric of the companies of which they have become part owners. Indeed, most Christians would be shocked to learn of the extent and nature of the sinful activities that they are inadvertently supporting through their investments.

Founded in 2000 by former Templeton portfolio manager, Howard "Rusty" Leonard, CFA, Stewardship Partners seeks to address this issue by offering both highly skilled, experienced, professional money management and the best research available on the character exhibited in products, management and causes supported by the public companies in which we invest. Armed with these skills and research, we seek to invest our clients' portfolios in securities of those firms that offer the best combination of long-term capital appreciation potential and strong, biblically-based values so that our clients can be assured that their Christian worldview is reflected in their investment portfolio.

Our vision does not end with our desire to offer biblically-based investment management services. It is also our hope that our efforts to prosper God's people will create greater financial resources that will be made available to the Lord's work. Stewardship Partners encourages its clients to give, as the Lord leads, to churches and the many great ministries that are working to meet the needs of the weak and bring the Word of God to the lost. Through our non-profit partner MinistryWatch.com, we seek to educate Christians on the subject of stewardship and help them identify, through judicious, comparative research, those ministries that are most worthy of their support.

Investment Strategies


Stewardship Partners offers a wide variety of investment strategies to meet each client's unique situation and objectives.

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Quarterly Commentary


Our quarterly market commentary provides timely, insightful analysis of the events shaping global financial markets and their implications for investors.

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BRI Backtest


Many people assume that if companies involved in objectionable activities are removed from their portfolios, their investment returns will suffer. Our detailed study challenges that assumption.

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Visitors to our website might also have an interest in MinistryWatch which provides donors to Christian ministries with valuable information about financial and program results as well as commentary on ministry theological positions.

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